JEL Maintenance Pte Ltd


Since its incorporation in 1974, Equator Engineering Sdn. Bhd. (EESB) has grown in reputation as a leading engineering company providing extensive engineering and construction services in Malaysia. It has participated in a broad array of projects including diesel generation plants, power plants, palm oil mills, petro-chemical plants, cement plants throughout Malaysia.

With its expertise, EESB has completed many power plant construction projects in Malaysia successfully, with a total accumulated power generating capacity of 9100 MW. EESB leverages on its experience and good project management systems to handle various scope of works including erection, construction, commissioning and testing of various types of power plants.

EESB’s track record in safety, work quality, on-time performance, disciplined team work and integrity has further cemented its reputation as a leading engineering and construction company for power plant construction in Malaysia.