EESB has complete expertise and offers excellent quality construction service by utilizing the best available technology, welltrained multi-national manpower and fleet of self-own construction equipment and ready to meet customer satisfaction at all times.

  • Civil, Structure and Building Works
  • Mechanical Static and Rotating Equipment Works
  • Tank, Silo & Stack
  • Steel Structure Fabrication & Erection
  • Piping Fabrication & Installation
  • Insulation & Refractory
  • Heavy Lifting & Transport
  • Scaffolding
  • Painting
  • Electrical & Instrumentation

Power Plant

EESB has participated in multiple power plant projects throughout Malaysia since 1974 with first power plant project at Paka Power Station in Terengganu. As of 2022, EESB had completed more than 33 power plant project the including the Malaysia’s first single shaft combined cycle in 2002, Malaysia’s first 1,000MW steam turbine in 2015, Malaysia’s first 1,000MW boiler in 2017 and Malaysia first 2 x 1,000MW Supercritical Boiler in 2019.

The types of power plants constructed by EESB in Malaysia included:

  • Oil-Fired
  • Diesel
  • Gas-Fired
  • Coal-Fired (including Super Critical Boiler)
  • Combined Cycle
  • Cogeneration

Industrial Plant

EESB has completed more than 50 industrial plant projects throughout Malaysia. The types of plants constructed by EESB in Malaysia included:

  • Fertilizer Plant
  • Cement Plant
  • Refinery Plant
  • Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceutical

Civil Works

It’s main role is to provide complete construction services solution allowing EESB to be one stop construction centre.


In the recent years, EESB has focused on its fabrication activities mainly in Pipe and Pipe Support fabrication. The network of workshop is fully integrated and strategically located to complement the project. This provides an added advantage to respond to our customers quickly and more competitively.

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